N4LTA Website

WG2XCT, WG2XLP Experimental Long Wave Stations

EM94bw, Spartanburg, SC

Tophat on 55 foot vertical antenna


Base of Antenna (Base is a 15KV Station Insulator)



Rube Goldberg 74 KHz Coil Winder (it worked great for the 20 diameter 240 turn coil)




The Finished Product Each color is a 500 foot roll of #12 AWG THHN wire The yellow is shorter)



First 74 KHz Report from W4DEX - QRRS 60 about 130 miles Need some grounding work for better DX



WSRP Quadrature Generator using 4 Pole All Pass filter and Buffer



Output of the WSPR Quadrature Focus could be better But you get the idea